A Petrographic Atlas

This unique monograph contains 400 original colour photographs and back-scattered electron false colour images depicting the characteristic textures and mineral assemblages found in kimberlites, orangeites, lamproites, melilitites and minettes. All illustrations are presented in a large 4" x 6: format so that textural details are clearly evident. This book is an invaluable reference work for academic and exploration geologists concerned with the identification and description of the petrography of diamond-bearing and related rocks. This volume is also designed for the use of general igneous petrologists who wish to become acquainted with the petrography of this diverse group of alkaline rocks.

Roger Mitchell is one of the world authorities on the petrology of kimberlites and related rocks. This volume is published as a complement to his trilogy of definitive monographs devoted to the mineralogy, geochemistry and petrogenesis of these rocks. These monographs have received positive critical acclaim for their insight and exhaustive coverage of the topic; this volume is produced with the same thoroughness and attention to detail.