An Introduction to their Structure and Composition

This volume is intended as an introduction for the neophyte to the structure and compositional variation found in perovskite-group and related compounds, will be of interest to solid state chemists, materials scientists, crystallographers, and mineralogists.



Chapter 1. The ideal perovskite structure: Pm3m perovskites and related structures.

Chapter 2. Distorted ABX3 perovskites: geometric and structural principles.

Chapter 3. Stoichiometric ternary perovskites: structural diversity.

Chapter 4. Ordered perovskites.

Chapter 5. Non-stoichiometric perovskites: A-site vacant and oxygen defect structures.

Chapter 6. Hexagonal perovskites and related structures.

Chapter 7. Layered perovskites-I: Ruddlesden-Popper, Dion-Jacobson, Aurivillius and AnBnX3n+2 compounds.

Chapter 8. Layered perovskites-II: High temperature superconducting cuprates and organic-inorganic halide perovskites.

Chapter 9. High pressure silicate and titanate perovskites and related structures.

Chapter 10. Naturally-occurring perovskites.


Illustrations of full-colour representations of all of the structural types are included, some of which appear on these web-pages.The work does not describe the magnetic, electrical or other physical properties of perovskite-group compounds.